Wednesday, March 05, 2008

gEt out of town....

wHEn you're tired of the city life the thought of hastily packing your bags and running away is very tempting... i really love to travel "Travel, go somewhere you've never been. You need to get away from your immediate sorroundings and realize that there is a huge
world out there with endless possibilities and billions of people that you've never met."
The wonderful thing about the discovery of travel is that you dont have to go somewhere
very far-- go somewhere you've never been. When Im in some new place, i like to go for
long, solitary walks, breathing in the air and discovering what makes a place unique.

....pLAN A magical trip. If time and money will allow it, then go to the place you have
always dreamed of visiting. Try and find some like minded companions to travel
with you. Or do the trip on your own.
.... If you decide to travel alone make sure to do your research; consult guide books
or the internet check and talk to people with experience and
knowledge to the place. Make sure that your destination is both safe and suitable.

and once you've done all the planning then GET PACKING!

for boracay:
resort reservations...

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