Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Days of Summer Getaways!!

When my friend Maiko asked me to join the Manila - Romblon, Romblon-Boracay trip!! I woke up next day excited!
The 12 hour trip was comfortable. The boat from Manila-Romblon (MBRS Lines Mary the Queen)left at 5pm, so all we had to do is to the usual take pictures and videos of ourselves and sleep!! sleep!! sleep!!

We arrived in Odiongan Romblon 5 in the morning the next day and took a 2 hour ride to the island of Agmanic....
The place was a real paradise it offers nothing but the best for those who want to have a carefree vacation. A place where pirates like Captain Hook go to and relax.. hahahaha!!! an Ultimate Hideaway..
Believe it or not, it is where the last missing Yamashita treasure was burried, where my grandfather had interest on possessing but to his dismay someone dug it a minute early than him... hahhaha!!!
I cant imagine we would have been richer than Bill Gates or to the Prince of Brunei.. it would have been so amazing!!

Stayed in the island for 5 days!!!

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